Saturday, April 23, 2022

Oh, It's Full of Nasty Habits When the Bitch Gets Back

I can't remember the last time I had a taquito.  Mmmmm!
Mexican delivery from Maya Taqueria.  No disappointment was had, although one person in my party wasn't impressed with the mole tamale.  My Everything Shredded Chicken Taco was everything.  Big huge bite of stewed tomato-ey shredded chicken, guac, lettuce, red onions, cilantro and sour cream. In fact, this was a perfect combination plate.  After dousing the carne asada taco in hot sauce, the rustic corn masa flavor popped through on the tamal, each a unique oral sensation.  By the way, their chips are fresh fried, which makes the biggest difference. 

Have you ever been shamed on the spot?  I've once or twice been on the giving end of that but today, it was my turn to hang my head.  An older Asian gentleman who struggled a bit with the language came in 25 minutes before I was to end my shift.  It had been a typical whirlwind Saturday night at retail and I was ready to leave two hours before that.   He had a ridiculous amount of questions and answering back took a lot of effort to explain and be heard.  He was very nice but annoying.  Many of the answers he didn't need to know.  How do the lights connect? How do the drivers work. How are fillers installed?  What is a filler?  Ugh!  Yes, he had a contractor who would do all of this work.  Just purchase the correct pieces, I said, let the guy you're paying worry about all of those details.   No, he insisted on wasting more time getting my full name correct, which lead to other prying questions, which is always a big turn off for me.  What does it matter???? Call me anything, let's just get this interaction moving along, shall we?!  We get these clingers that sabotage so much of your time with their endless needs. I brushed him off, telling him I needed to finish a project, which I did.  Another sales person had extended him a free walk-in appointment, sitting with him explaining everything in detail, twice over and I suffered through listening to all of that.  So, for me, we gave enough already. 
My other coworker came back from lunch looking eager and refreshed.  A self described lover of customer service.  He also claims people adore him because he's a gay, white man with gorgeous green trusting eyes.  His words, I promise you.  I don't wish it, but I feel like that's inviting karmic trouble.  He instructed all the folks in the department to hand him irate customers as he is a whisperer of sorts.  Actually, he is very pleasant and has that butler like quality that is calming, but still, it's Brooklyn.  Before I could warn him, he immediately offers our customer further help.  Within two minutes he's siting down and commenced to redesign another plan, something i refused to do.  As I was leaving, I heard the man whisper something to my coworker to which he replied loudly, I am here for you. There is nothing more important than you.  I will make time.  I will answer ALL of your questions.  

I immediately pictured this coworker using this story to virtue signal to his friends over Spiked Lemonades on someone's deck before getting drunk and sloppy kissing on someone else's boyfriend... but then I felt bad.  I could have done better because he's right, that's what we are there for.  And we should always be kinder to the elderly, and it wasn't lost on me that he was Asian and they're getting targeted unjustly with senseless violence, so naturally, you want to be more considerate.   There were a lot of I's in my peers comments though and as I walked out to my bike, I realized yes, I felt a little bad but also there is something creepy about advertising your kindness. 

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