Friday, April 1, 2022

Lighten Up! While You Still Can

Sister's backyard view in Colorado 

Quick Ham and Potato Soup
What I love about soup is the template formula you can follow in order to bring almost any ingredients together.  If you often hanker for a brothy meal, it's good to keep carrots, onions and celery on hand and of course chicken stock (freeze the real deal if you can muster).  After that, there are endless possibilities of combinations that can be had very quickly.  One single ham steak with chunky russets and Yukon gold potatoes made for a delightful meal. Instead of using cream, I mixed a bit of corn starch with yogurt and almond milk.  Also, I smashed up some of the potatoes to release much of the natural starch to thicken. 
It's important to lighten up your meals, although one great thing about aging is that you don't want all the fat and heaviness very often anymore, if at all.  Times like this, when you do crave something more decadent it can still be unprocessed with your own ingredients.  

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