Monday, April 25, 2022

It Ain't No Use in Turning On Your Light, Babe

Hot & Spicy Whole Roasted Jerk Chicken

Because the jarred Mole worked out so well, I tried this wet jerk seasoning on a slow roasted whole chicken and it was kind of awesome!

I feel immense excitement when there is a high profile event that is not too tragic that we can all participate in and experience together as a society.  I think it brings an energy fuel to the world.  The Johnny Depp defamation trial has taken over my nights and many daytime thoughts.

Call me crazy but I'm digging constipated, older bloated Depp more than his most recent personas.

There are so many gifts to feed off from this case.  I am reluctant to say that it's given me life this week.  I would hate to think I'm feasting off of anyone's pain so I am careful to treat all that I'm hearing with respect.  First of all Johnny Depp may be the absolute favorite actor from my age group. There are limited Hollywood stars that have given me so much joy in their movie portrayals.  And Depp imparts his own characters into each movie in the most gracious, creative way.  From What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Edward Scissorhands, to Blow to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Black Mass, Fear and Loathing, Sleepy Hollow.  I don't know how many times I watched Mortdecai, a brilliant treasure full of laughs.  There is not one I haven't treasured.  There is so much gold here and during the pandemic especially, we learned just how important it was to have these outlets with capable Hollywood stars that can carry you through the fantasy.  We also learned that bad acting, no matter how bored you've become, still rings false in your ears and is worse than complete silence.  Through his acting, Johnny invites you to escape along with him, as if you are in on the secret together. 

There are as many lovable characters in this trial, that it mocks one of Depp's movies.  I adore Johnny's sister and how they both speak like timid abused children, I just want to give them hugs and warm cocoa.  She loves her brother and I'd imagine she's seen some disgusting drug induced acts. It's a testament to his character that she is so loving and loyal after all of these years. 

Amber Heard does well as the psychotic, evil-doer.  From her demeanor to her body language, she gives off such creepy vibes. What is all that frantic writing she does when people are saying horrible things about her on the stand, posing like she's a psychologist evaluating their testimony.   I'd love to get a hold of that yellow legal pad and read her crazed ravings.  But admittedly, I am less concerned about the actual facts because obviously everyone is fine and will be fine.  This ultra rich Hollywood union that almost everyone predicted would have a bad outcome, are living out that drama.  However, we're all human and a lifetime career is being shattered, yet again by everyone's willingness to believe without verifying bullshit.  But within this pain, it is a wonder to have even a small glimpse into the real side of Johnny Depp.  For me it is a shiny marble to ponder.  

In the bigger picture, it is incredibly important that women not only, do not protest physical abuse if it's not true, but be punished if they do.  And it would be especially horrible if someone faked injuries, which may be the case here.  I consider that a very serious atrocity because this affects all women's ability to report violence.  Verbal abuse is apparent on both sides, although it feels more like the court revealed dynamics of an ugly booze filled toxic relationship along the lines of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, more than abuse.  It's sad in the overall scope of things.  Alcoholism, and drug addiction is sad but again, with both coming out the other end of this dark tunnel,  there are funny bits as well. We're all stocked up on sad in this world right now, so its more healthy to focus on this case for entertainment value.  

I love Johnny's long rants and descriptions of life, how far he drifts from the question asked, but somehow makes his point in a poetic way, occasionally.   Apparently he is as captivating in real life as the roles he plays.  I'm enamored by his humbleness and kind nature.  I never payed attention much to his off-camera persona, but often envied his incredible talents.  Fellow actors, crew members and service people respect and admire him across the board, another testament to his character.  

I understand his idiotic texts, my husband and I share a similar type of exchange to entertain each other and fall out of the mundane.  But how vulnerable must it be hearing your own drunken, beyond acceptable, audio clips in front of the world.  For a couple to have their arguments recorded is a nightmare, especially during the first years together.  Those are not one's best times. 

The trial is also an amazing study into narcissism. Ms Heard displays all classic behaviors and if you're unlucky enough to have known one of these distinct personalities up close, you will see tons of similarities.  They are truly ones for the books and to acknowledge their unique dark traits is helpful in understanding humans. Because this particular personality type can really manipulate in such exaggerated ways that you begin to break down under the fight. They are exhausting beyond belief. 

Worthy of focus is how love makes you stupid, or what we sometimes mistake for love.  I guess I would call it lust or infatuation, intoxication. Love has nothing to do with it in reality.

Posing sometimes as a therapist myself, I think this might be one of those necessary evils for Mr Depp. Perhaps it was curative for him to play out these mother issues from childhood.  You can go on suffering forever, by why do it to yourself if you can do the work and get past it.  He'll be a better person from all of this.  And his nemesis came in a hot package.  

This might be the event that brings the political two parties back together.  Both republicans and demos alike agree this woman is a psychopath.  She is gorgeous, she is bright and smart but that girl has some big ass problems and no amount of I'm-not-crazy-suits and sophisticated up-dos will diminish that.  Johnny's a big drunk and at points has partaken in too many drugs at once, as I understand she does as well but nothing is convincing that he ever became physical.  But he needs to prove she is a liar to win this.  She will take the stand soon and that will reveal an even clearer picture.  #justiceforjohnny

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