Saturday, April 9, 2022

You Got Me Rockin' When I Ought to be a Rollin'

Sausage Roll from Luv N Oven Pizza 

I discovered the elusive sausage roll in Brooklyn at Luv-N-Oven, a small Italian dive near me whilst foraging solo for hot Italian treats.  P had gone off to watch the Master's Golf tournament.  I ordered delivery on-line and excitedly dove into this hot little number which was bursting with sausage and pepper flavor, followed by a back beat of mellow Mozzarella cheese and a hint of sauce.  All good things.  However, it tasted more of a good calzone or pizza.  I think the type of sausage was different than what I remember in the perfect roll I had in my home town.  The dough was also more crispy, like thin pizza crust, which I love, but was not as stand out as Laycoff's Tavern's version that had a pure bread type quality, hard to describe but more doughy magical.  There was a richness missing.  The taste of what it smells like in an exceptional family run pizza joint is what that perfect sausage roll tastes like.
They did excel in delivering this ginormous Greek salad with lots of Feta, olives, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, oregano and romaine lettuce.  They even added anchovies, which are the Best! 
Giant Greek Salad also from Luv N Oven
An incredibly loud but short lived hail storm befell our town today! I put down my roll just long enough to snap this pic as it was pelting the rooftops.
I over reheated a burger and fries in the oven and basically killed it.
Barring fast food establishments, there isn't really bad Italian food, just levels of good to great, so there was no disappointment here.  I am grateful to be in Brooklyn where food choices are abundant any day of the week, morning or night.  As a lover of all foods, I admit, like a billy goat, I even devoured this burnt burger and fries later than night.  


  1. I am thankful to live close to Arthur Avenue, but not so close that he becomes a problem 😂

    1. I'd love to tour that block...I've only been to the Bronx zoo. haa haa. Is the food awesome?


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