Monday, April 25, 2022

Come on and Save Me

While tending to her garden, my sis spotted a baby owlet that had fallen out of the tree while it's mother looked on overhead.  It looked to have a broken wing.  He managed to scuffle his way to the big vacant lot across the dirt road, where she figured he would be prime vittles for any of the assorted predators, so she became worried.  She needed to save that little guy, who between you and me, somehow magically....looks just like my sister in a cute way I can't describe, plus she loves owls.  She managed to scoop him up in a cat carrier and placed him near his mother who stayed in the tree watching.   
After a bit she let him roam around a little coop she devised and safe from the neighbor's cat, Charlie.  He didn't seem to be injured and the wildlife center couldn't make it out for hours.  After looking into the matter more thoroughly she surmised he was just doing what baby owls do and probably had it under control.  He seemed as curious of her as he of him,  She set him free next to the tree where his mother still stood guard. 

I hunted for dinner at the corner market, and found ingredients for a giant wok bowl of cabbage, snow peas, carrots, shaved Brussels sprouts and ground turkey.  I seasoned with ginger, garlic, Sesame oil and soy sauce.  

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