Thursday, April 7, 2022

Are We Gonna Let the Elevator Bring Us Down?

Like tamales or Menudo, chicken mole is special holiday food but with the help of Dona Maria jarred mole, you get that hours of prep taste in a shorter period of time just by adding pantry items and Mexican chocolate.  To be able to pull this out from my freezer and plate it so casually, again feels miraculous to me.  Like a stew the flavors often get better the next day... 
...and even later served with a poached egg on top for a big-girl breakfast.  

By the way, this is NOT the time to take the skin off the chicken ahead of time.  You want all that amazing chicken fat flavor in the sauce as well.  The fat adds silkiness similar to a smothered chicken.  Sometimes you must go BIG, even if it's for some random day of the week in order to git you some of dat electric life.  In fact we must harvest happiness in whatever form it comes.  Recognize that happiness is not a place but moments in a day, it's noticing the spring trees, it's a joke Kat Williams tells on a chance YouTube video. It's hearing from on old friend.  It's watching lawmakers discuss UFO findings. 
If a celebrational dish from my youth brings good memory-feels to a drab day, then plate me up some of that saucy bird and pronto!  

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