Thursday, March 31, 2022

I Think I'm in Love!

Sheet pan Baked Chicken with Potatoes and Tomatoes
My love of roasted everything on sheet pans pairs smoothly with the Lunch Box meals idea.  Meal prepping with sheet pans gets the job done with less effort and you can spice, herb, marinate, or bread the chicken and use any vegetable combination in order to create various dishes.  Not to mention, there is always cheese, vinegar, hot sauces, etc to make it sexy.   A spicy kale was served alongside with lemon and garlic. 

Leftover enchilada for lunch
Again, I'm acting as if frozen meals are something from the distant future.  It's really just new to me but in this 2022 fascinating way. Freezing an individual portion of enchiladas feels like a miracle,for example.  I've eaten frozen dinners earlier in life, but those are now considered forbidden processed food so the idea had died in my foodie brain.  I use my freezer to store large portions of hams or turkeys I can't finish but no time had I ever put individual meals in said freezer to reheat and eat later in these cute little boxes.  I think I'm in love!   

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