Sunday, March 27, 2022

I Smoked My Brains the Night Before

P's Birthday Beef Enchiladas

P had a festive outing with friends the night before and was feeling less rambunctious on his birthday, so we chose a mellow afternoon with a matinee of The Outfit, in a dark, quiet theater.  We had Fried Chicken sandwiches, chips with queso, and this time a few more patrons were in the local venue but not many.  I should get paid for how much I promote the value of the Alamo Drafthouse theaters.  For folks without a ton of money, it's an incredibly satisfying way to spend a little extra and get the pampering movie experience of my dreams.  P wants a cup of hot coffee or I want an ice cream sundae, the silent ninjas are there for it, quickly and quietly.  The funny reels they play before the main feature feels old timey and gets you revved up like you're going up a roller coaster.  It's super clean and people are well behaved or they'll get 'removed' as the pre-feature ad warns.  This allows you to get completely immersed in the surround sound without any unpleasant noises or cellphone lights.  I love everything about it and most of all, we can walk to one of the locations. 
Later I made homemade beef enchiladas with my mom's famous secret sauce and a spicy shrimp cocktail as an appetizer.  
Coctel de Camarones - Mexican Shrimp Cocktail
We walked home from the theater noticing more small changes to downtown Brooklyn and had a nice chat about how strange life has become when we came across a sign on a shop window that coined the moment brilliantly.  Whatever, Forever.

A gorgeous new mural of Greg Tate, the music journalist who recently passed, and a fellow Ohio born compadre.
Delicious Carrot Cake Slice from Mr Mango Market
The birthday boy in his new sweater.  It's good to be alive, to quote lyrics from his upcoming album. 

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