Saturday, March 12, 2022

In the Sunshine of Your Love

I can't settle on a name for my Ice box lunches but this was my frozen chili that tasted splendid at work after 5 minutes in the microwave.  I had shaved some cheese on top and added cilantro before freezing and I was surprised how everything kept its original texture. My family didn't freeze stuff much growing up, so this is new to me. 
Today we were to get a bomb cyclone and there was a possibility that it could be intense for the city.  Of course, weather being the lady that she is, always has the prerogative to change her mind.  She could grant us heavy rain or turn into a lake of snow.  Like the picture below, my memory is foggy if it became anything other than drizzle or fizzled out completely.  I love the ups and downs of Mother Nature in March and April.  She teeters on the border of winter and spring like a young girl on a balancing beam.  She teases us with warm sun and cold breezes.  Her subtle clues lead the orchestra of blooms scattered along my bike route.  I love all her storms and wind, her last bursts of bitter cold.  And isn't it incredible that we can rely on her, throughout all of this chaos and suffering and distrust.  She has always come through with these ethereal wonders.  

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