Sunday, March 13, 2022

Trouble Man Don't Get in My Way

Lunch Box prep for duo meals consisting of sheet pan roasted vegetables with Balsamic Vinegar, Toasted Brown Rice and a Spicy Soy Chicken with red peppers and mushrooms.  For some time I've watched videos of women making these big meal preparation spreads and thought, Honey, who has that kind of time?  But now, I'm a convert, understanding that while you're in the kitchen chopping away anyway, it's fairly easy to juggle larger portions and add an additional dish.  Especially when one is just thrown in the oven.  That one night of work pays off because you may get 6 or 8 meals out of it.   
There is an adventurous spark you get from microwaving a perfectly prepared portion at work as well as a sense of accomplishment that you made it yourself.  We need small encouragements these days.  I was relieved to hear others were finding it hard to achieve even the simplest of tasks lately.  There is an invisible mental weight that many of us struggle to shed. Everything feels exhausting, even the thought of having fun.  However,  we must lap up and feed off these tiniest morsels of contentment because obviously negative forces are trying to latch onto as many of us as possible.  At least that's how it feels lately. 

Sometimes rice is best completely naked in order not to compete with the main course, but it's even better toasted and then mixed with herbs, spices and aromatics.  This makes it a true separate component worthy to stand on it's own. 

And like I did here, you can sample some for dinner that night!

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