Thursday, March 3, 2022

Shouldn't be Ashamed

I no longer allow myself to define characteristics of my so-called personality.  But in the not so distant past, like yesterday, I was a major procrastinator.  I made lists of things to do and then didn't do them.  Like going to the DMV to change my married name.  This year the need for a REAL ID, forced me to the local branch.  After two painful hours of waiting, it turned out I had a copy of my marriage license, not the original.  After protesting and pleading with a supervisor, thinking it was their error, I realized the clerk was right.  So the dreaded afternoon to do this one thing resulted not only in failure but in embarrassment.  Not one to let a unique food opportunity pass, I stopped by a nearby Subway sandwich shop to feed my shame.  Subway shops in New York feel like a good place to do that.  But this location in the Atlantic Center was pleasant and the kid ran that sucker through the garden and back as I kept pointing and nodding yes to everything!  Clean, trust-worthy fast food is a rare treat and I proudly devoured at least 9 inches of my Spicy Italian foot long. 

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