Monday, March 7, 2022

Love Me Twice Today

Freaks like me know that projects are important to have lest the demons find their way into your soul during idol moments.  The best times are when you can juggle a few at a time.  I am currently immersed in lunch lady land, preparing boxed lunches and meals as a grab and go option due to busy diverse schedules.  The theme is you can go to the refrigerator or freezer at any time and grab a prepared meal.  In 2022 I think that looks like one container.  Ease, simplicity, combos, mash-ups, vegetables-protein couplings that satisfy and delight.  
In order to do so, you can make giant pots of something you love and portion it out. So today, I made both a hearty turkey chili and a mash up of Arroz con pollo and

Calabasa con pollo.  Our family argues how the latter is made, with fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce.  But its a savory zucchini, corn, and braised chicken that is best sopped up with freshly made flour tortillas and topped with cilantro.  Traditionally, it's served with Mexican rice so why not make it all in one pot?  And why not have it for lunch when it would taste dreamlike?  

Calabasa Arroz Con Pollo
A sampling of both dishes was served for dinner. 

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