Saturday, March 26, 2022

Fry to See it My Way

Baked Bean and Turkey Smash Burgers
And Crispy Baked Fries
You're right if you're thinking this could use some greens.  A nice big lettuce wrapper or at least a cold bed of shredded iceberg.  Even though it was nice outside, my body was still requesting hot, filling foods. So instead of lettuce, I doubled-down on the burger and topped it with cheese and a poached egg.  

Regarding the necessary potato accompaniment, you are either a mealy, soft fries or a crispy, crunchy lover.  People that order home fries at diners and are happy to see a big steaming pile of soft potatoes will understand this distinction.  It would be an interesting study to see the differences in traits of these two types of humans.  Me, and thank God, my husband, are of the crunchy lover variety.  To get your spud needs met, if you fry them in oil, it's no problem but baked, that's another story.  You must get the oven temperature correct, cut the potato thick enough, but not too thin, and use a good heat conducting roasting pan, in order to attain perfection.  Even then, it can go horribly wrong. I often screw this up.  The great thing is that potatoes are still cheap and there are many days in which to practice.  God willing.

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