Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Definitely, Definitely, No Logic

As a testament to these prepared Lunch Boxes, I present yet another added value.  By adding these delicious colorful, sauteed vegetables to my chicken and noodles, I was able to create a healthier, more satisfying meal for a late night shift.  Sauteing or roasting a pan full of assorted vegetables to pair with previously made rice, noodles, grains, beans, or potatoes, provide variety and ability to switch it up and in this case, combine.  

It's also a confirmation of how small life has become when anyone could become this excited about plastic food storage.  That being said, storing individual meals in small containers to pull out and eat any time of day or night, changed my life.  Like everything in life, I only love to do things when I love to do them but cannot rely on any consistency.  Prepping meals ahead of time works with this type of crazy. 

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