Monday, March 14, 2022

When You Hear the Call, Word Up!

I'm no wordsmith but I do love when particular words appear, especially when they are repeated in a day.  I'm writing this a month later, and after the shooting in the Brooklyn subway.  My sister texted me to remain extra vigilant.  I went to the DMV this morning and another shooting was just announced in Prospect Park by the coworker next to my clerk and when she handed back my documents, she said, 'be careful out there, stay vigilant'.  I replied, Yes! as if I'd picked up a shiny new penny.  Her reiteration of the word, made it official, that yes, extra precautions should be made and the universe pinpointed the correct action.  I don't think this means we need to be paranoid or anticipate bad behavior in any way because I also believe you can conjure evil that way.  But remaining extra aware of your surroundings, those around you, is more important right now.  I'm a tiny woman in a big town.  If you wanted to kill me, it would be super easy but doing small things like crossing the street, or taking a safer bike route even if it's a few more minutes out of the way, is smart thinking right now.  As I'm also concentrating on staying in the moment, it's an excellent time to practice vigilance.
A while back I obsessed on two-ingredient recipes and one that stood out was banana pancakes using an egg and banana.  Simply mash the overly ripe banana and add a beaten egg - put them on the griddle.  You can add cinnamon and vanilla extract if you want.  I grated an apple into mine to use up the aging fruit.  This was all just an excuse to drizzle maple syrup and slather butter on something.  I hate succumbing to sweet urges as it often leaves me feeling lumpy and dumpy.  This is a good way to bypass that weighted down feel but still get your fix.

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