Friday, March 18, 2022

Help Me Get My Feet Back on the Ground

I wonder if some bears want to stay in their dens after spring starts.  Its so cozy and warm in that den. I would be that bear.  I love spring, its my favorite season for sure, hands down.  But spring also means, deep cleaning, big projects, more exercise, and getting back out there into that big natural world.  I love my warm wool socks and fuzzy pants, thermals, protective gear.  I love being at rest, the still, darkness of winter.  Being inside, wrapped in more layers between me and that outside world.  Like eyes adapting to the light after sleep, my whole being needs to adjust to the idea of blooming yet again.
Like the bear, the one thing that will get me up and moving is food.  And of course, the amazing vibrant salads will come in time, the zesting of lemons and all things fruity will fill the air.  I'll zip around admiring the trees and explore.  But today that type of fun, nor cooking is on my agenda, so local Green Grape Market offerings will need to suffice.  The sun, blue skies and beginnings of spring flowers, for just these first weeks instill slight dread, instead of delight.  I compare this to my reluctance to exit my mother's womb.  I have a deep rooted memory of that prenatal moment of forcibly being pulled out of my home feet first and the overwhelming feeling of baby soul doubt.
Free range rotisserie chicken with potato salad and mac and cheese made by the most docile group of college-educated millennials and surprisingly awesome but inexplicably leaves us feeling soulless every time.  Could it make a difference in your digestive enjoyment of a food,  if the meal prepared void of passion?

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