Sunday, May 1, 2022

'Cause I'm in Love with My Future

I strive for the ultimate Chili Con Queso now that I've opened up to the world of liquid cheese.  This effort was closer.  The recipes are quite diverse, some using a roux, others going straight for the cheese melt and wine or beer, more a fondue.  Some add milk, others corn starch.  I don't think you have to pick, in fact there may be the right texture for every purpose.  As a dip, this smoother, creamier queso worked well for chips, whereas if you wanted to drizzle it over a plate of chips, like for loaded nachos or fries, it could be thicker.  In restaurants I've had queso fundito and that was served in a flaming hot cast iron dish like fajitas.  That is mainly cheese and you must eat it quickly before it hardens.  I'm big on additions of garlic, onion, hot sauce, jalapenos and garnishes.  One could probably cut to the chase and use Velveeta but I haven't bought that product in adulthood and enjoy the challenge of creating from scratch. My mother used Velveeta at the restaurant for queso but the ingredient list has changed quite a bit from those days of 1970's.  
Making magical queso may require more dipper options in order to fully embrace cheese as the main component.  In other words, I think this can become dinner!  I imagine a tray of tiny turkey meatballs and roasted cherry tomatoes, zucchini rounds, mushrooms....beneficial foods to eat more of.  In fact, it sounds like a wonderful future plan.
Lunch box Mustard chicken for work 
Blooming Red Buds

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