Saturday, May 7, 2022

Why Can't We, If We Wanna, Yes we Can Can

An unnamed household member has COVID, once again
Lettuce Burgers and homemade fries
Our neighbors who obviously possess better etiquette skills, brought us a chocolate pie from the good bakery and a just the appropriate sized bundle of very sweet smelling flowers.  This was a gift for gathering their mail.  That pie.  I still think of that pie.  
Take Out from National Thai in Fort Greene
Tom Ka Gai - Such a healing mellow soup with lemongrass and coconut. Its usually amazing. They phoned this one in. 

I had the wherewithal to make homemade Shoestring fries to go with this quick lettuce turkey cheddar burger.  Do you ever wake up with wherewithal?  It's like the creativity muse but for your body.  Where as yesterday you wouldn't get out of your own way yet on these days you're on walks, doing chores, cooking and actually enjoying yourself while doing these things.  Somehow you can.  Yesterday you couldn't.  Where can you buy extra wherewithal, I wonder.   
As this unnamed household member became more and more ill, my wherewithal faded down to zero.  I had that thing when you're husband gets fat when you get pregnant. I had Sympathetic COVID... for days, but never tested positive.  Some folks in the house think I'm nuts but I wasn't acting, I felt horrible.  

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