Wednesday, May 25, 2022

You Surround Me with Your Boundless Love

Before I pass over, I'd like to conquer as many chicken recipes as humanely possible.  As with soups, many follow a template, which I'm learning very late may be the case with a lot of cooking.  Brown the chicken on both sides, remove from pan, add vegetables then deglaze with some type of slurry, wine or stock.  Afterwards, the oven proof pan is put in at 450 degrees, along with the added chicken to finish.  Often, a pan gravy is then made, as was the case here.  
It's fascinating how simple twists can transform everyday yardbird into something special, like adding apples, honey and mustard.  The natural sweetness combined with the tartness of the mustard came through deliciously in the sauce.  Serving with a bitter garlicky green was bonus.  A mashed cauliflower could have been nice with this as well.
So many things can be wrong in the world and atrocious news is being broadcast each moment.  For many of us, it is becoming overwhelming. You can't ignore it nor can you do much about it.  So, when I look down into my Le Creuset Dutch Oven, and see loving abundance, a new creation, a usable art, I feel comfort and soul-nurturing satisfaction.  I resist the urge to worry and try to replace angst with gratitude that my needs are being met in that moment.  

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