Monday, May 2, 2022

Two Tickets to Paradise

Corn & Ham Pasta Salad
Quirky combinations are born when you cook with what you have on hand, like these two quick meals.  Starting with this pasta salad featuring fresh corn, chunks of ham, tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, tiny shells, green apple, herbs and bleu cheese. Each bite bursts with all of the freshness of the individual ingredients, so just a squeeze of lemon, olive oil and salt and pepper is needed.  The success of this salad is getting each item the same size, and that is small.  So small that you may want to eat it with a spoon.  People say this too often, but this truly does taste like a party in your mouth.
Chili Mac and Cheese - using leftover queso!
I thought to make a quick pot of turkey chili with beans but with the addition of my leftover queso transformed this into a delightful Chili Cheese Mac! Less fatty than mac and cheese, creamier than regular chili.  Both proved to be great for adult lunch box meals.

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