Thursday, May 26, 2022

You're Running With the Caravan of Fools

 I fried up an excellent dry rubbed bone-in pork chop that I paired with garlicky spinach and mushrooms after work.  I came home to process the news that I had lost yet another 'boss', which in these times holds a very different definition than before.  This time, a familiar company gal, fairly young, who's management style surprised many of us that held high hopes.  It's hard to know why people fail in their new positions, whether it be their own shortcomings, or their inability to follow basic definitions of the job, to lead a crew.  These days, especially in retail, it could be many things out of their control.  Managing people is no longer valued.  Instead, it seems they are given a laundry list of unrelated duties to get accomplished in an insufficient amount of time, and then each day they are called away to put out equally extraneous fires.  Either way, she decided to leave without telling us and we found out by reading the now tired, 'with regret we announce, so and so has moved on' email.  And collectively we reacted horribly, as we tend to do, taking turns sputtering her faults out like discarded sunflower seeds.  I liked her, rooted for her.  She spoke to me very inappropriately and even yelled at me once, which shocked me but somehow didn't piss me off too much.  It was uncalled for so all I could see was her weaknesses, as if I became a mirror.  I was lucky to see others yelled at beforehand and saw their angry reactions.  I realized then, how age helps so much with idiotic behavior.  
It's as if time stops like in Bewitched when Samantha froze the room in order to figure what to do next.  Seconds stretch out and the mind shuts down so that I can see the person in front of me, sometimes as a trapped animal, a scared human, other times an ignorant fool.  Why get upset?  In fact, lately I wander back to when I was in their similar position and ALL the stupid mistakes I made, which I made more than my share.  We're all basically idiots fumbling around mistakenly ignoring our real selves in order to control this man-made facade.  It's a beautiful thing to connect again with our childhood selves that hold such deeper knowledge and better tools to view our days.

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