Sunday, May 22, 2022

Something in the Wind has Learned My Name

Breakfast tacos could stop wars.   Using one grill pan, I heated my soyrizo, scrambled the eggs just slightly before transferring into the tortilla, folding in half then finishing in the oven for a warm toasty tort and giving time for the cheese to melt and let the eggs rise and puff to the occasion.  One is more than enough but two says to your stomach, I love you twice as much

It also provided plenty of fuel for a walk around the neighborhood only to find one of my better ideas had come to fruition, a storefront type of food business.  No coming inside, no tables, nothing but a window and someone handing you food.  For me, this is a dream.  Take out is a huge business now.  Yes we love to eat out but equally and possibly more often, many prefer to grab and go.  But we also want amazing food.  Through the years, I tried to envision an introvert's food business, how it would look much different than an ordinary social hot spot.  I loved the idea of a quick hand off, a private transaction, almost intimate, like a  concoction made just for you.  
In my hometown, in a scary neighborhood, there was a place where late at night you could buzz a side door of this old brick apartment house. You had to climb up onto unlit wooden porch, stick your money in the mailbox slot and out would pop a nickle bag.  It was magical, dangerous and exciting.  This made getting weed effortless and far preferred to having to sit with your seller making small talk, smoking the obligatory joint while awaiting the moment to make your escape.  
This pop up Empanadas shop was perfect!  Cutely decorated and inviting, the window open and someone right there to hear and fill your food desires.  Still too full to try one unfortunately but hope to return. 

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