Monday, May 9, 2022

Keep Smiling, Keep Shining

A nice recycle of yesterday's leftover take out French Fries, were these Loaded Fries on the griddle. To revive dried up fries, sprinkle them with a little water.  Crisp up the potatoes on a hot griddle, tossing them around before topping with meat and cheese and covering for a few minutes to allow the cheese to melt.  Then the cold garnishes go on, in this case, tomato, cilantro and onion.  This is a five minute glorious appetizer that ate like a meal and obviously the topping combinations are endless.  
P was knee deep in his COVID and I wanted to be there for him but was simultaneously nauseous and achy, so this was an easy but special snack.  The nights before he tested positive, I kept telling him I bet you have COVID.  His boss had been sick and had traveled out of state directly before, and had all the clear signs.  Finally, he allowed me to test his dumb ass.  I had been at work sweating and feeling so fatigued several days before but kept testing negative. I felt my body fighting something and I was sure it felt familiar.  I should have good immunity but I guess that doesn't mean the virus can't still try to invade your system. The last night I worked I was cleaning up the shop whimpering like a toddler, feeling so out of breath after doing small tasks, when I realized I had something on my shoe I'd been dragging around.  
A little heart with the stuffing coming out of it, a hug from the universe.  I had sent my mother a large version of this years ago.  A sweet little reminder, to keep a sense of humor, especially during challenging times.   

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