Sunday, May 8, 2022

I'll Be There and You'll Be Near, That's the Deal My Dear

Black Forest Brooklyn Burger
When COVID's in the house, there will likely be take out food happening and this time was no exception.  Black Forest burgers came via a delivery app, a mistake if you want your food fast.  We try to avoid using the apps for the restaurant and because it can add too much time before that food hits your stomach, plus the cost.  Too much money goes to the app and the restaurants prefer us to go direct.  It's a crap-shoot though because as the restaurants are operating on less staff, managing more things, they've lost our order or simply forgot us a few times.  This place is literally on the corner, so these are all ridiculous problems.  

There is a man that is homeless who we befriended that likes to stand in front of this particular restaurant.  We call him Liberty.  He grew up in the housing near here and has amazing stories to tell when he gets to feeling talkative.  He's not above asking you for a few bucks after the conversation.  I've tried giving him food, but he's rejected most of my offerings.  He wants money for alcohol.  One time I told him I'd get him anything in the market.  He wanted a sandwich which they don't sell, so I bought him bread, cheese and cold meat to make several sandwiches.  He got upset and said, what the hell am I gonna do with this!?  That's the day I stopped looking at him like a homeless guy and more a personal character in the neighborhood to get to know.  I often thought, back when we were sick as dogs in 2020, if we just knew his number, because yes, he does carry a cell phone, he could bring the food and we'd give him the money and it would arrive hot and fast.  This could be a direct community outreach solve but I'm pretty sure he's not interested in working anymore, and just needs money to get drunk, which would make him unreliable for any real commitment.    

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