Thursday, May 5, 2022

Oye Como Va

Cinco de Mayo Shredded Chicken Lettuce Tacos
Cinco de Mayo is a very under celebrated event in New York, which is not so strange because even though there are so many immigrants from Puebla here, (although I hear many have left) where the 1862 battle took place, and the holiday is a celebration of that won battle with France, in the states its a pretty ambiguous holiday.  A ragtag team of 2000, poorly armed Mexicans, lead by a Texas born general fought 6000 French troops and won!  Now, like St Patrick's day, it's just another excuse to drink and eat tacos.  They say it's turned into a celebration of Mexican culture but I've seen no evidence of that.  I think it should be turned into an appreciation day for the US Mexican labor force that has kept the city going in these tough times.  I can't say enough about the work ethic and dedication these folks have to their cause, which is usually to unselfishly support their families in Mexico, who would die without their ongoing contributions.  Sacrificing their own livelihoods here and now by living in close quarters, working ungodly hours with horrid commutes but somehow remaining good people.  Doing the jobs no know wants to do for much less money and no benefits so they can send $100 a week to a sister or mother.  We could really learn something from thinking like a hungry immigrant.    

I rushed home from work and whipped up these light but satisfying shredded chicken lettuce tacos and then packed a couple for lunch boxes. 

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