Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Too Late, To Turn Back Now

When you have a vat of leftover baked ham, then ham and cheese omelets are in order for breakfast! This was a really good tasting omelet. Shameful chunks of ham in every bite, along with sweet Videlia onions and cheedar cheese.

However, I realize a real chef might scoff at it. I remember a cooking show where the chef said properly made, an omelet should not have browning on top. I've actually been successful making a suitable puffy pale yellow omelet but through the years I've sort of come to like the taste of the little extra browning on top, around the edges. Not dry and overcooked mind you but just a slight color. Its a bit more cowboy which I enjoy.

Sometimes you want delicate and soft and other times like this morning, maybe a bit more rustic, sitting by the campfire on a rock, drinking your black coffee out of a tin cup type breakfast with your boots on. Eggs that stand up and say 'Let's eat!'.
Plus, you can't go back on eggs. What's done is done.

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