Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Like a Broke Ass Holiday

The holidays this year have come and gone sort of quickly, without all the usual fanfare. Circumstances sort of made it hard to get too happy. But it was surely worth celebrating. Snacks were in order!

First I roasted some tangerine chicken for some buffalo sliders complete with celery and bleu cheese on tiny potato rolls. Charming!

Next I put out toasted crusty bread rubbed with garlic and olive oil with a light pesto made with basil, parsley, walnuts, chicken stock, Parmesan and just a bit of EVOO. Heavenly! See it could be cool!

The knock out was individual ramekins of shrimp and grits with a Cajun roux // Check out the recipe, it's lethal. They had me at whipping cream.

This was really good too but decadent after the whole shrimp fantasy. A baked jalapeno queso dip. The surprise was how the fresh sliced jalapenos baked up so nice and mellow and really spread that roasted pepper flavor throughout the cheese. Just like you get with plain nachos. Served that with my favorite corn chips.

Always afraid there might not be enough, and since I had earned the free credits over at the PathMark, I picked me up a nice spiral sliced ham with a honey glaze for a song. I can't take much credit for that since its really just heat and serve. And I forgot to take a photo, so I'm using a stock photo. I simply put out sliced rye bread, horseradish mustard and then rested the ham on a cutting board for quick and easy sandwiches.

It could be worse!

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