Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nothing Compares 2 U

P's boss made the most amazing pickled red onions in a chipotle cranberry relish. I can't even describe how perfect and genius they are. Alone they blew me away. How great would they be on a nice juicy beef burger? Unfortunately this little experiment came on a fat pants week so I couldn't really go for it so to speak with full on burgerness excitement. But I didn't want to pass up the opportunity so I did small patties on low cal bread. Sigh.
The experiment would include this super spectacular bold relish complimented with whole grain mustard against a traditional mushroom and onion cheeseburger (open faced on wheat toast).
The results was likened to a Bobby Flay Throw Down. Competing new flairs against traditional goodness. It tugs at your emotional connection to the time-honored ways. There are memories involved, feelings. The mushroom and onion and Swiss won. Even though as you bit into the cranberry and onions you were wowed and delighted, the minute the customary flavors hit you, it was apparent that classic is usually best, hands down.

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