Saturday, December 17, 2011

I Can't Tell You Why

I've never been all that good at showing up for my life events, either physically or otherwise. I can't explain it. But that is a flaw or quirk or social defect that I have come to live with as fixing it altogether at this point seems a bit unrealistic. I manage it, maybe how another would manage their overspending.

However, I do make efforts. Here and there I actually do make appearances. Two holiday parties this year posed a new problem though. An early commitment to bring Salted Caramel Bacon Brownies to the department party was what some thought a guarantee of attendance. Amateurs.

Sure it upped the chances because I really always do aim for progress but my success rate is low at best. When asked each time if I was to attend I definitely said there was a 15% chance. I did make it to the official store wide Holiday event that unfortunately included watching two of the only guys I respected at the store go down in a drunken fighting and eventual firing mess. They were a nice gay couple from Sweden. A true pity.

There was a plan to actually get someone to drive my promised brownies to the 2nd event but that person also had issues and bailed. So, the next day I packed the bite sized beauties into festive bags and stuffed them into my biker bag and offered them up to my coworkers with apologies and lame but actually legitimate excuses for not showing up.

To me, these brownies are amazing, although some feedback was that they couldn't taste the bacon enough or they thought they would be saltier. Please read that last line in a mocking tone. I added 4 pieces of bacon, which was double the recipe. // And that recipe is awesome! Screw 'em and I'm not sorry I didn't go to that stupid party!

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