Saturday, December 31, 2011

We All Need Something We Can Dream On

This Saturday we took a long walk through a different neighborhood in Brooklyn, part Prospect Heights, part Fort Greene. It's always astonishing to see the impressive architecture and the different periods, all on the same block sometimes mixed up.

Brooklyn is like a living museum and it still takes my breath away. I feel like its such a privilege to walk around for free and just take it in.

Other times I just wanna get the hell out of here and be next to family, like my sister R. I dream about hanging out and having lunches, making food together, exploring small towns and maybe even one day starting a restaurant or some type of food offering.

P also dreams on living near his brother, Big Ed actually, the pepper king. Being in Brooklyn or New York in general, you have all this wonderfulness here all around you. But without family to share it with, it can feel a little lonely sometimes. Friends are amazing but even our close friends have family here.

I found this tree and it was unreal, skin like an elephant and all these hidden faces. But I could only send a picture.

These old buildings have seen so many wanderers come through and stay awhile, only to leave and settle other places. The stories they could probably tell.

We walked and walked until our knees were tired and then we hoofed it to the corner diner where I enjoyed a beef bacon cheddar burger deluxe and P got the turkey club with fries.

Its always great to have something to look forward to, possibilities down the road. Dreams change along the way. Right now even though we enjoy Brooklyn so much, its so exciting to imagine having a true best friend within shouting distance.

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