Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wanta Change The World, There's Nothing To It

And then, when I'd given up almost all hope of it ever happening again, Tiger Woods won the Chevron World Championship game. And he won in his big wonderful familiar way, with the fist and the face and the awesomeness. I must admit, I didn't think he could do it, that he would do it. I thought to myself, He couldn't possibly win in those horrible pants he was wearing. Did they break him down so far he actually had to change his winning trouser material? On Sunday, or, 'win day' as I would call it, Tiger would always wear nice black slacks that lay nicely and they were I'm gonna say classy. The shoes were good and solid, black and sleek - no big white boat shoes to break the leg line. Nothing ever said dorky or this Sunday's outfit. But the real statement was the win and he did it. He did it. Somehow in my own pathetic way, I truly believe this win affects and relates to me and my life directly, everyone's actually. I'm winning now. You are winning now. We're all gonna be alright. I'm coming out of my slump. Now there is hope and fun and frolicking if you just believe.

After I felt the shift in the universe, I immediately put together a generous impassioned pot of Chicken Posole. And I know that something really good is going to be on the road ahead for us, today, tomorrow and every day there after.

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