Saturday, December 24, 2011

You Should Be Dancing

Here and there life is good! That's when you gotta celebrate. Even if you don't know why. If you're a woman you are prone to fluctuating mood swings to say the least. When mother nature gives you a good week or day even, then you say Thank You and you don't ask questions! Just run with it girl.

One great thing was I had ready baked chicken thighs in the refrigerator and a nice big salad sounded lively. I cut up the chicken in big hunks, added chunks of green apple, celery, tomato, avocado, and lots of lemon juice, salt and pepper.

I also had this great provolone so I warmed up some pita bread and scooped the salad in between a nice big slice of cheese. The green apples burst in your mouth when boosted with lemon and then the spicy chicken and tart tomatoes play nicely with all. I put mayo on one side instead of dressing the whole salad with it but you could omit it altogether. It doesn't really need anything.

This is a happy meal.

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