Saturday, December 24, 2011

Never Can Say Goodbye

Low Mein. Pepper Steak. Egg Rolls. BBQ Short Ribs. See this is why foodies find it so hard to leave big cities. With all the amazing food, sometimes you consider Chinese Take Out to be a bad choice. But then you realize, our Chinese take out restaurants kick ass ovuh heuh! How good was this?! And it was all under $20. C'mon!

These little unassuming depressing store fronts house these master chefs. We watched this guy do all this Benihana hoo doo knife magic without an audience. All alone in this tiny space. Fire to the sky, gigantic wok. His vegetables came out perfectly done. Glistening green bell peppers, onions with a bite, vibrant green onions. And then they wanna give you a free soda just for coming in. Don't wanna let you go!

The boneless shortribs alone were heaven sent. That color. And they give you so much! That's the other beauty of Chinese say as opposed to Thai. You get enough low mein to have for lunch the next day and that's the small. I love this town!

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