Saturday, December 3, 2011

And Admit That the Waters Around You Have Grown

When something is being built its always hard to imagine the finished product. Everyone has been up in arms about this whole Barclays Center - Ratner project for so long that I almost forget its going to actually change things up quite a bit. Honestly I can't believe how pure Brooklyn has been able to stay for so long. Its like a beautiful small village but with all the amenities of a huge city. The people are awesome and atrocious, inspiring and abusive. It's heaven and hell on earth. In some ways, its the perfect balance. When finished, the old Brownstone neighborhoods will now be sandwiched between this massive modern complex that houses major games, concerts, even award shows. I'm not sure how many ugly Ratner sky scrapers were approved but there will be some of those two, which will now continue the tiny Brooklyn skyline that was created during the last boom.

I don't know, we're just renters. I don't really have a dog in the fight. We just manage to stay in the nice areas like barnacles on a massive unaffordable cruise ship. It might be kinda interesting to see what will happen when it all erupts. Bridges are being built in a sense between old and acceptable Brooklyn. Watching the construction and seeing the transformation of that butt ugly site to begin with truth be told, its kinda excitin'.

I wasn't inventing anything new with this grilled cheese slash BLT and seeing the beginnings before the cheese was melted, I didn't expect anything great coming outta that pan but it was pretty good. The wheat bread is not AS dreamy cheesy as the white variety but it gives it a bit more purpose. But to fix that I sliced up some nice ripe creamy avocado for the bacon to lay on.

The sweet Vidalia onions and tart tomatoes spaced out the flavors and really separated this sandwich from the regular grilled cheese/BLT.

The real Brooklyn is huge and only gets more and more amazing the deeper you go. But only its small parameters usually get acknowledged. You can't avoid growth and change and it's bursting its small agreeable boundaries anyway so why not just put a primary hub where everything can converge and infuse. It might actually entertain us all.

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