Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm Just A Girl In the World

I love Green Acres! I can identify with almost every character and couldn't easily pick my absolute favorite. But when I was little, I figured I might go into plumbing and electrical, maybe some carpentry. Be somewhat of a Ralph Monroe, the girl brother of Alf. She spoke to me somehow.
My mother reminded me of Lisa Douglas, glamorous. She had the same hair too except it was brown, about the same stature and size. I loved Lisa's clothes but in my head it was all Ralph. But I could certainly relate to Eb and Hank Kimball as well.
Plumbing still interests me and I get excited to pull out disgusting clumps of hair balls whenever I get a chance. I like taking things apart and tightening loose things. I like googling things like, how to connect a garbage disposal.
P's a Facilities Manager of a whole high rise in New York City. So you'd think that the leak underneath my kitchen sink would be fixed but no. After I rustled up this sort of egg fajita platter including plenty of veggies and turkey bacon, soft scrambled eggs and English muffins for breakfast, I went under to take a look see.

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