Sunday, August 28, 2011

You Were Always on My Mind

We were about to have a catastrophic unprecedented hurricane but after I could not fit one more ounce of worry, dread or fear into my head the only thing I could think of is 'I'm hungry, what's for eats?!' Then that thinking went into an angst spiral... If we're still alive, will we have enough food to eat afterward? If the gas goes off, what can I fix that doesn't need to be cooked? If the power goes out in what order will we eat the food in the fridge? How long could we live before we start to loot the yuppie grocery on the corner?

I was pretty sure our already weakened roof was gonna collapse in on us at night or the dead tree facing the bed was sure to smack down and kill us from the wind. I needed to have a satisfying meal.

I seasoned and browned some chicken legs and thighs with what I called Hurricane seasoning, a nice Cajun blend I found at Sahaadi's. I stewed that chicken in wine, stock, garlic and grape tomatoes until it was falling off the bone and juicy. I stir fried some amazing Napa cabbage and then just glazed it with some soy sauce and corn starch, a little pepper oil. Unbelievable! And served it all over some nice Jasmine rice.

You know you're a foodie when you truly are fearful of unthinkable realities but for like 20 minutes all I could talk about was how good that Napa cabbage tasted and how juicy I got that chicken.

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