Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gimme Shelter

Its a different kinda heat when you pick your breakfast spot based on their air conditioning power. Of course we wake up at the crack of dawn so most of the sweet spots are not even open. But that open air bohemian dining isn't cutting it in these temps.

Academy Diner always satisfies. A new nice young, no nonsense waitress made it a good experience. She kept the coffee coming so we were able to have that caffeine induced speed talk session that feels brilliant until you start to get rot gut. But that breakfast plate is ready before you can get that far. Its as if the men behind the grill know what you wanted before you even got up. I got the grits thinking it was a better choice than potatoes until I tasted all the creamy butter they were soaking in. Ooops! Bless the diner. Breakfast special includes bottomless coffee, juice, toast, potatoes, eggs and your choice of meat. Salvation on a plate.

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