Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet Wonderful You..

Leftover night. Chicken with fresh spinach, Vidalia onions and mayo on warm pitas served with corn chips and Chipotle Salsa. Also a side of that amazing braised Savoy cabbage.

I can't say enough about Savoy Cabbage. Its super good for you, loads of vitamins and even has those antioxidants that everyone goes on about. It gets the title of the sweetest and prettiest of the cabbages plus you don't get that sulfur smell like with the others during cooking. To me, its so buttery tasting. Its one of those vegetables that people need to express their love for. If you want to watch some hardcore food porn on this cabbage, check out Lidia's Italy. The episode where she makes Zuppa Gallurese. I almost couldn't watch it. By the end of that episode that soup is all you can think about. And all it is is bread, cabbage and cheese. She's good.
I love Lidia. She knows and loves her food. She's been to the towns recipes originated from and drank wine with the town folk. She has a romance with her food. She doesn't just share recipes she makes love to them. Of all the silly celebrity chefs on TV, when Lidia takes a bite out of her food, I know its as good as she says it is.

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