Friday, August 19, 2011

Let Me Go Crazy On You

Women get the curse and they need meat. Or someone might suffer. That's how it is for me anyway. Aunt Flo comes and she taketh away rational thinking. And she also brings a bag of monstrous painful cramps, headaches, body aches as well as disdain for humanity. They used to think menstruating women could sour milk or taint meat. There is also a good joke, 'Don't trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die'. Trusting isn't the problem so much as I feel you should be on your best behavior around us. Its like a cat, you can pet it and all is fine but you stick your finger up its little butt and its gonna scratch your eyes out. It's gonna go apeshit crazy on you.

I like a cheap steak that I can wrestle with so to tire me out a bit. But the real surprise here was this Savoy Cabbage. The buttery soft flavor coming out of this unassuming green was incredible!
Since I was already eating beef I didn't want to put bacon in my vegetable side, so I simply cut the cabbage into thin strips, sauteed it with garlic, oil and a little butter, then when it got a little color I deglazed with chicken stock and let it steam for just a few minutes. So sweet and delightful!

I had some grape tomatoes so I also deglazed the pan that I cooked the steak in and quick threw in the tomatoes, garlic with a bit more stock and then just tossed that with some left over wheat pasta and fresh basil.
Now leave me alone or I'll rip you a new asshole....darlin'.

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