Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rock you Like a Hurricane

Look, I'm not going to start bad mouthing the Governor or my Bloomie just because the hurricane wasn't eventful. I'm really glad they took the steps they did and I am super grateful no one got hurt and not many homes were damaged. My favorite weatherman Lee Goldberg stayed close to the facts and did not sensationalize or try to instill false fear.

We took a little walk around this morning and its sad to see all the trees downed but the only thing that died apparently was any respect the general public had left for the news reporters.

With all that said, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. The hurricane was a bit like my first sexual experience with a boy. I wasn't quite sure when it ended and I kept waiting for something amazing to start. The hype was convincing yet the actual happening was nothing to write home about. And both left me deeply confused about how to feel. Am I happy? Grateful? Is that it? It was no ones fault either. I guess that's just how these things go. Its a natural occurrence.

I was so out of sorts from the lack of sleep, the anxiety, the hours of waiting and all the worst-case-scenario thinking and the preparation! I packed 3 Go Bags, filled the tub with water and every other container that I had. We moved the mattress away from the window. Moved all the plants inside and sealed the windows. Whatever! Anyway with all that I had liver failure this morning. I should say, I tried to make beef liver and eggs and it failed!

Again, I was misguided somehow thinking this was going to be spectacular so I saved it for this morning when we were able to celebrate our safety. My mom used to make this and it was so delicious. I dipped it in seasoned flour and sauteed it with oil and butter until well done and a little crusty. Uh. P took one bite and the look on his face said it all. Fail!

We're all safe and that is a great thing. Why do I feel so miserable?

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