Saturday, August 6, 2011

Too Kool 2 Be 4-gotten, hey hey

My cat Mona who we call Monkey has a toy named Mrs Pickles. From what I can tell, she loves that toy. Mrs Pickles has all the bells and whistles, bright clothes, feathers, cat nip belly. But Monkey doesn't play with her often, instead she likes her mice and balls. She seems to kick Pickles around now and then and likes to know she's around.

That's how I feel about Manhattan. Its amazing, wonderful, even better than I ever imagined it to be years and years ago dreaming about it. Fifteen years later and I still stand in awe. I've had the best times there. And every time I go I am so happy that it exists and want to know that if I want to go kick around in it again, it will still be there for me.

You never know what you'll find there and its one of the only places I know that you can go and just wing it. You'll be sure to stumble upon something of great interest every time. While taking a bike ride this morning, we saw people lined up to swim across the East River! Never saw that before.

Very cool to watch. On a beautiful day, you imagine the water all clear and blue. The East River though, ick!

We rode to the George Washington Bridge on the West Side and then on the way back had lunch in Union Square Park. Sandwiches from Pret. Very tasty. Arugula, shaved Parmesan cheese, roast beef on a crusty baguette. Chips and the best orange sparkling soda.

For desert we wandered the Farmer's Market for some ripe fruit and found peaches and nectarines.

By the time we finished eating, it was nearing noon time and the heat was getting oppressive. Not a time to be out in the direct sun on your bikes. We had to brave the blacktops of Chinatown with all the construction and asphalt smells to reach the bridge back to Brooklyn.

I can't help but feel like you never really get to shed your anxieties and stress while living in a city. You can put them down for a bit, but you must take them back on your way home whether coming by car, cab, bike or plane.

So we grabbed our angst, hopped on the Manhattan bridge and waved goodbye to my Mrs. Pickles.

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