Friday, August 19, 2011

And This Bird You Cannot Change

My friend at work was kind enough to give me a bunch of her home grown tomatoes from her garden. I immediately thought to make a chipotle infused roasted tomato salsa. This time I used the canned chipotle peppers and lots of the adobo sauce added in with my char broiled tomatoes, onions, garlic, jalapenos. With all that in the blender I add just a bit of cold water, salt, a big bunch of cilantro and lime juice.

I love this salsa with meat. I was working on an idea. I had just read that the Aztecs of central Mexico were the first to domesticate turkeys as a food source beating out the pilgrims by about 2 centuries. I had two nice turkey thighs so I baked them with the fresh rosemary she also gave me. I pulled the meat from the bone leaving on the crispy skin and then laid those handsome juicy little fellers on a bed of corn meal mush with a nice heaping stripe of salsa on top. And to further the Aztec theme I added freshly cooked corn off the cob in nice chunky pieces. Better than you think! And the plate was rustic and bountiful, felt like a Mexican Thanksgiving. I mean I know I was one grateful

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