Sunday, August 14, 2011

White Lace and Promises

I guess it makes sense that the best quality food I ever ate or the best liquor I ever drank was from my time with Virgin when sales reps and other fairies would magically pay for everything, always. Was it just a dream? Let's have Italian today but make it close, we gotta get back to uh,...talking endlessly about music in the back offices of a record store. It was a dream, I'm convinced. A convenient old Italian Restaurant just down the side block from Times Square was a step into another time where older male waiters really cared about serving food and providing a dining experience that included forever full wine glasses and ne'er an empty bread basket.

They had sauteed chicken livers on their menu and it opened up another world for me. I'm not sure how they prepared them, I only ordered it once but I remember feeling joy in my my mouth, in my stomach and in my core. I felt like a bride on her honeymoon! Sauteed Chicken Livers prepared delicately and with the utmost care by some unknown Italian saint in the back of that black swinging door inside of that magical old restaurant that seemed to not exist until we stepped down into it.

With P gone for the weekend I needed to feel that good love even if I had to create it myself. I followed a choice recipe from Mario Batali
Instead of risotto I used potato gnocchi with a side of steamed broccoli rabe.


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