Monday, August 8, 2011

Magic Carpet Ride

I admit to loving Woman's Day as I admit to watching Ancient Alien episodes. I know its not cool. I've been intrigued with Chariots of the Gods since I was knee high. I don't go for most of it but for some reason I'm very entertained by it and it fascinates me to know there are adults out there with big degrees who believe that God and gods were Aliens coming down on spaceships to mess with our DNA and teach us things. I feel like they're not right but they've hit on something. For me, Woman's Day is all about the recipes. The human interest stories I can do without, the home decoration is whatever. But let me tell you, Woman's Day always has recipe inspiration. Always. I go to the well and she gives me sweet cool water. That is what's cool to me now!

I had some ground beef but didn't want to do the burger thing and chili wasn't sounding right. I was browsing for ideas and there it was; Armenian Beef Kebabs. Hey! I have leftover Cholay, so why not pair that with some roasted curried cauliflower? You get a little char on those kebabs from the broiler as if they were on the grill. Grrrrl, out of this world!

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