Sunday, August 28, 2011

'Cause I Got a Peaceful Easy Feelin'

Not Ray's Pizza is our neighborhood corner pizza joint. We tried to buy whole pies but it is the slice that is king here. It's not the best slice you've had, but you don't even want it to be. Its on your corner. That would be too dangerous. However, the stuffed slice is damn good. Damn good.

Before the hurricane was to come we rode out to look in on our friend J's cat, Fanny. She, like female cats tend to do, musta got upset and pee'd and poo'ed on J's bag. I like that about cats. They're not real emotional like dogs, but they sort of let you know what's up when you screw up. In this case, J left the house for an extended period of time. Fanny wasn't havin' that.

Fanny was all purrs when we visited but she'd said her piece already. She'd made her statement.

They had me spooked to the bejesus about this hurricane hitting directly over the city for the first time ever and what that might mean. The day before you think your life might change drastically, things look different. It's like the day before you finally decide to cut your hair. All the sudden, your hair looks not too shabby. Hey, its kinda flattering! I like my hair! You think, but you're wrong, your just scared. Brooklyn looked beautiful this day. It had started to rain and the gothic beauty of the buildings and architecture was very visible.

We rode back and stopped for that slice at Not Ray's. Just a plain cheese slice and Coke. It tasted like heaven. A quiet peaceful heaven before you die.


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