Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Eyes Abhorred You

P loves thin crust pizzas and has never been a fan of the deep dish pies or the 'everything' variety. And somehow I still allow him to hang around. Me, I love all pizza and I can really appreciate the big drippy slices of cheese that they serve up. But I also love the thin crust too. When I'm in charge of the toppings though, I can get a little heavy handed.

So as a compromise I've been doing these mini pizzas on Thomas' Wheat English Muffins halves featuring lots of vegetables and just a smattering of meat. This time I did just garlic and olive oil on the bottom. On that I chopped lots of steamed broccolini, thin sliced Vidalia onions, shiitake & Cremini mushrooms, crumbled Italian sausage, basil, a thick slice of a ripe heirloom tomato and shredded mozzarella cheese. I topped each with an anchovy. Cute!

Taste in food and music have traditionally been key factors in choosing partners for me. P's grandfathered in so he could start to like Chamber music at this point and I'd have to deal with it but there was a time. I once broke up with a guy in high school because he chewed weird. I'd rifle through the music selection at the start of a date. The first sign of a Styx tape and I was out of there. It wasn't that I was shallow. Everyone is shallow in high school. We were ignorant. Say what you will but certain strains of music seemed to paint a grim awful future that would haunt my dreams. Catch a guy passionately singing along to 38 Special, Chicago, Dr Hook..BIG warning signs...Foreigner! Get out of the car now!

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