Thursday, September 15, 2011

You Don't Have To Be a Star Baby (To Be in My Show)

Sometimes you can create amazing stuff with little effort. I had these bananas getting nice and ripe for my Monkey Bars, a great low cal recipe from Woman's Day. I've made these before and my dad even makes them at 87! I got my mom a subscription to WD, hoping she'd look at the pictures and turns out my dad reads it which is kind of cute.

You get just enough of your bake on to enjoy making these but it doesn't require all that concentration and skill, so you almost can't screw them up. Plus you use whole wheat flour and they're only 90 calories a bar. They taste impressive and super moist.

For the main meal, I had all that great leftover roasted butternut squash so I cubed some pork meat and braised it until tender then added frozen vegetables, corn, peas and carrots for a nice Fall type dish to scoop up with warm torts.

I seasoned the meat with my flavorful Cajun mix, and after browning I just added a splash of orange juice and some water to deglaze the pan and keep it nice and moist while braising.

I like when things take little effort and they don't suck. Life is hard enough, dinner should be easy.

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