Saturday, September 17, 2011

September Morn

We've turned the corner and are heading into fall. You can feel it in the air. If summer is the big party, the party is over. Which is fine with me because when the party is actually over, the next day can be just as fun. You get to lay in bed all day and eat and remember all the brilliant things you said last night. You can put on your pajamas, or clown clothes as I call them, and relax.
On days like this you want hearty food. I made a nice skillet frittata with harvest vegetables.
I cut most of the vegetables into small cubes, potatoes, broccoli, grape tomatoes, red bell pepper, green and yellow squash, red onion. Let those cook awhile in a hot skillet, then poured in my highly seasoned eggs. I let it cook a few more minutes until the bottom started to set and then I put in under the broiler for a couple of minutes and sprinkled on some dry salami to get all crusty for crunch on top. Good stuff!
I start fearing the winter around this time. How cold is it gonna get this year? How hard will it be to ride that damn bike? But fall is beautiful and should be celebrated. The leaves turning, the crisp air. Its the only time my hair actually behaves. I can wear my cowboy boots and cool jackets. Me and P met in the fall all brand new. September mornings still can make me feel that way.

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