Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Alright if You Love Me, It's Alright if You Don't

Cooking while sick can be a challenge. You sort of put the ingredients in by rote system but it proves you really do need to add love and intent for great results. Its not just technique and ingredients.

For dinner I made a half-assed toasted sub with provolone, avocado, red onions and some fancy chicken sausage I found at the fifteen dollar store. The sausage was a little sweet but not in a good way. I tried to get a little fry on it to make it crisp on the edges but didn't quite get that right either.
But the great thing about eating is there is always a next time. Its survival, so you can have the most basic meal and as long as you are satiated, I guess all is good.

Breakfast that morning was a bit tastier but sort of an equal fail. A western wok scramble with ham, red bell pepper, onions,tomato and potato. Meh.

Being kinda sick while cooking is a big bummer. Its like not being able to play the guitar, your fingers not working during a live performance. You know its happening yet you need to finish and all the while you know its probably gonna suck and the reviews will be bad. And although P's always appreciative of my cooking, we both sort of acknowledged it was not my best work. Next!

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