Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stroke Me, Stroke Me!

Clamoring to find a new way to use ground turkey I searched easy stroganoff recipes on the innernets. Almost every easy recipe contained cream of mushroom soup. I was feeling like I wanted to take it just one step above Paula Deen, so I made my own sauce. I didn't use any heavy cream and just a half cup of sour cream. The nutmeg and lemon juice put the flavors right on track.

Hey, this was good eats! The ground turkey will absorb flavors while keeping its own and tends to work well in place of other meats I've found.

I added white onions, tender leeks, mushrooms and green onions to the saucy turkey and served it over lightly buttered egg noodles with lots of parsley on top. P kept calling it Stroke Me Off. At least I think he was referring to the dish.

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